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Roxann Dempsey
307 Showalter Hall
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.4210
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Innovative Projects

  • Snow Melt System

    Facilities personnel working on the Patterson Hall remodel came up with an innovative idea that that will utilize a "wasted" resource (heat), and also provide safety and maintenance cost benefits.

    Like most buildings on our campus, Patterson Hall's heating system takes high-pressure steam created at the Rozell Heating Plant and coverts it to high-temperature water to deliver heat throughout the building. This process condenses the steam which is pumped back to heating plant for re-use. However, the condensate needs to be allowed to cool first before it can be re-sent back through the system, thus wasting its heat.

    The "hot idea" is to first route the condensate through a snow melt system beneath the sidewalks leading to the five entry points of the building. This otherwise wasted heat will be used to melt snow and ice from the sidewalks during the winter, saving the labor of hand-shoveling and providing safer pedestrian access to the building. It also will eliminate the need for de-icing chemicals and traction sands keeping the floors inside the building cleaner, dryer, and lasting longer with less maintenance.

  • Improving Efficiency/Reducing Costs
    EWU participates in the Washington State Energy Service Performance Contracting (ESPC) program which aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs, while also helping to control project costs. Facilities and Planning manages this program for the university and has completed a number of ESPC projects over the last several years. Recent examples include:
    • Tawanka Refrigeration system Upgrade
      This $1.7M project replaced ageing and inefficient refrigeration equipment in the Tawanka food production facility. EWU contracted with McKinstry, an ESCO (Energy Service Company)-qualified contractor to design and install a high-efficiency refrigeration system. All equipment was selected and installed to conserve energy and provide high level productivity for food service storage and production. Estimated energy savings $38,000 annually, estimated operational savings $15,000 annually.
    • Rozell Boiler Plant pumps replacement - $660K
      This project replaced old and deteriorating feed water pumps in the Rozell Power plant with state-of- the-art energy efficient pumps and motors, reducing operating costs and improving reliability. Annual energy savings $12,000, annual operating savings $6,000
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