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BOT Diversity Initiative Funds

EWU Board of Trustees Diversity Initiative
The EWU Board of Trustees, in 2002, set in motion a dynamic process to achieve broad-based community change. The Diversity Initiative seeks to engage members of the EWU community in continuous dialogue and action intended to build a stronger community that is inclusive, respectful, and supportive of all of its members; a community that celebrates its diversity and its unity; a community that expects honesty; and that provides an environment for safe interaction among its members.

Further, "it is the goal of the Trustees that our community works toward achieving and implementing these principles as community standards that are protected and honored by the university community as a whole."

The process by which we would achieve a community based on these principles includes the use of open communication venues, a participative approach, activities that are results-oriented, project-based, civil, equitable, fiscally responsible, assessed and accountable.





Application Documents

1.  BOT Diversity Initiative Application

2. Attachment A Diversity Categories

3. Attachment B Diversity Checklist

4. BOT Request for Proposals


Campus Climate Survey



Town Hall Meetings





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