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Record Enrollment

Published: October 07, 2010

CHENEY, Wash. - For the second consecutive year, Eastern Washington University is experiencing record enrollment to start the academic year, which began Sept. 22.

EWU reports its fall 2010 enrollment as 10,750 full-time equivalent (FTE) students, almost 250 more than the record quarter of fall 2009

Eastern also is seeing an increase in new students, led by a freshmen class of 1,543, a 75 student jump from last fall's freshman number and the second largest in school history (Eastern had 1,600 freshmen in 2005).

EWU President Rodolfo Arévalo noted the influx of students comes as the state continues to slice its budget during the stagnant economic conditions. But he says Eastern will continue to work within its resources to make sure students succeed.

"Although our resources have been diminished with cuts in state spending, EWU will continue to strive every day to serve our students," said Arévalo. "Students will continue to see things such as larger class sizes, but the university continues to look for ways to make sure students are not directly impacted by the budget situation. I have a lot of confidence the campus community will continue to find creative ways so we can continue to do great things with the resources we are working with."

In addition to the high number of freshman, Arévalo also pointed out the number continuing students also increased, with 128 more students staying enrolled at EWU from the same period last fall.


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