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RuthAnn Sapinsky

1996 Research

Abstract: Effects of Fire on Growth and Reproduction of Linaria Dalmatica
Ruth Ann Sapinsky, Kerensa DeFord, In cooperation with Dr. Steven Stein

Fire is purported to have a positive impact on reproduction and growth of plant life. To test this hypothesis we investigated its impact on Linaria dalmatica. L. dalmatica, a clonal range weed, was studied in order to determine what effects fire has on height, branches, flowering, fruit, and seed set. The field test took place on Turnbull Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Washington. We also observed pollinator behavior in each of the areas to ascertain pollinator attractiveness. Our results conclude that fire has a significant effect on L. dalmatica in every aspect of its growth and reproductive abilities. We also found that pollinator preferred the lush fire area flowers to the fragmented non fire area. Our results established that fire had a definite influence on this species.

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