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Raul Garcia

The Archaelology of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Mentor: Dr. Jerry Galm, Department of Anthropology

The state of Nuevo Leon is one of the largest states in Mexico. Located in the northern part of Mexico, the state is land locked, with geography including the Sierra Madres Oriental and a surrounding desert: Monterey, the Capital of Nuevo Leon, is an emerging industrialized metropolis. The prehistory of Nuevo Leon dates to at least c.10,600 years ago based on available evidence. Unlike the cultures in Mesoamerica, prehistory of peoples in this region is dominated by foraging based adaptations that appear to have persisted up until the arrival of the Spanish. Information is presented on the four major sites in Nuevo Leon as part of a synopsis of regional culture history. These sites, San Isidro, La Calsada, Boca de Potrerillos, and la Zona de Durrumbes, contain the bulk of information on the archeological record of Nuevo Leon compiled to date.

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