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Charise DeBerry

2006 Research

Perceived Expectations in College Education Based on Background Experiences

College education is being experienced by a "larger and more culturally diverse proportions of high school graduates," (Astin, Parrott, Korn, and Sax, 1997; Reisberg, 1998; Judkins and LaHurd, 1999) as well as non-traditional students, bringing "with them different attitudes about themselves and society, as well as the role of higher education in their lives," (Blai, 1987; Gose, 1998; Sax, Astin, Korn, and MaHoney, 1997; Schneider, 1998; Judkins and LaHurd, 1999). Such a diverse group of individuals can come to experience their education differently. This is especially true when it is acknowledged that institutions have been predominately male and "predominantly White," historically, and that such institutions have their own "cultural contexts," (Gloria, Hird and Navarro, 2001).


9th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May 17, 2006

Research Presentation to Scholars, April, 2007

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