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Florentino Barrera

1996 Research

Abstract: An Evaluation of the Ready, Set, Go: A community Employment Education Center
Mentor: Dr. James Cass Dykeman, Counseling, Educational and Developmental Psychology

High school students who have difficulties in school are likely to dropout. Students develop barriers that oppress them in society. The three barriers are the lack of an education, mechanical skills, and technical skills. In order for a student who has dropped out to survive in society he or she must acquire of these skills. School to work programs are being implemented throughout the United States to keep students in school or prepare them for the work force. The ready, Set, Go: Summer Program is a program that was developed to help students from an alternative high school makes the transition from school to work. The program's intent is to increase the participants career maturity by providing experiences focused on developing a career. A question is "How effective is this program in increasing the participant's career maturity and preparation for the world of work? The focus of this paper is to discuss career maturity and the effectiveness of the Ready, Set, Go: Summer Program.

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