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Marla Hart

1996 Research

Abstract: Issues in Electronic Commerce

Mentor: Dr. Beth Britt, Department of Business

The global availability of the internet, as well as its ever increasing security and ease of use, has made it feasible for companies and organizations to move many of their business activities online. "[Information technologies] support new forms of management and organization as well as new marketing and distribution channel services that (1) transform industry structure and patterns of influence, (2) create new business opportunities, and (3) alter business relationships between buyers and sellers" (Konsynski 1). The term "Electronic Commerce" refers to business that is conducted electronically using Electronic Data Interchange protocols. This paper will discuss some of the advantages of Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Commerce, problems that can arise with solely electronic communication, the development of regional interest groups to support Electronic Commerce, and the website I developed to facilitate communication and interaction between members of one of these interest groups.

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