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Monica Orth

1996 Research

Abstract: Bridging the Gap

Mentor: Dr. Neville Hosking, Education and Dr. Ann Teberg, Education

Teachers experience conflict in dealing with teaching practices because of the inconsistency in the relative importance and the current status of practices that are being used in the classroom. The relative importance refers to what teachers perceive to be of high importance in their classroom. The current status refers to what is actually happening in the classroom.

The purpose for this research is to examine the inconsistencies of the relative importance in regards to the current status, by looking at the case of eight urban teachers who were surveyed on classroom environment. Much research over the past twenty-five years supports the inconsistency in teaching strategies in the classroom. For example, many educators believe that there must be a variety of teaching strategies such as modeling and facilitating in the classroom. Some believe that the traditional approach should be maintained. The traditional approach refers to teacher centeredness and lecture style in the classroom. Through observations and surveys, researchers are able to asses this conflict in teaching practices.

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