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Ricardo Medina

1996 Research

Abstract: U.S.-Mexico Relations Before and After NAFTA: Labor

Mentor: Dr. Martin Seedorf, Department of History

By the mid-1980's, as western Europe worked toward the creation of a single European Community market and Japan dominated the Pacific Rim, leaders in Canada, the United States and Mexico began discussing the possibilities of creating a North America free trade bloc. Canada and Mexico had been the United States' largest trading partners after Japan for several years. Why not create a free trade bloc?

The creation of the free trade bloc deserves a lot of attention in order to show the people in Canada, Mexico and the United States how much the North American Free Trade Agreement has really improved or worsened their lives. People aware of the benefits and costs of the agreement will be able to support their position of pro- or anti-NAFTA. The opinion of the people in these three countries may help decide Whether NAFTA should be overturned or further developed.

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