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Stacy Estes

1997 Research

Abstract: Student Observational Ethnography At Shaw's Summer Academy

Mentor: Dr. Rick Philip, Education


1996 Research

Abstract: Designing a Plan to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Washington State University at Spokane Health Policy and Administration Distance Learning Course

Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Corsey, Health and Sciences, WSU and Dr. Rick Philips, Education

Washington State University at Spokane's Health Policy and Administration Graduate Program is offering an introductory course (HPA 500) through distance learning. Distance learning is a technological alternative that gives the learner the opportunity to master a course without making the trip to the classroom, having face-to-face contact with the instructor, or learning with the traditional lecture method. This is accomplished by a variety of technology sources that include: computer hardware, software applications, leadership theory, instructional models and strategies, audio-based, one-way video and two-way audio. All of the aforementioned can be, and are, accomplished via satellite transmissions, telephone lines, network systems, fiber optic communications systems, and digital technology.

Accordingly, the rapid advent of distance learning brings with it a broad array of benefits, including:

1. increased numbers of students served;

2. reduction of travel time for both students and instructors;

3. presentation of real-time interaction with the instructor (Pear & Novak, 1989).

Investigations of distance learning programs to date, however, suggest that these advantages are not without cost. For example, a tendency to rely heavily on lecture oriented, direct instruction has been observed (Milheim, 1996) and it is possibly the natural result of technological limitations in even the best distance learning systems (Huberty & Klein, 1996).


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