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Tommy Russell

1996 Research

Abstract: Navigating your through research on the WEB: A history student's perspective
Mentor: Dr. Bill Youngs, Department of History

The purpose of this paper is to assist history students who are curious about doing research on the World Wide Web but not sure where to start. I also address the question: "Is the World Wide Web a quality source of information for research? The paper will guide students through the Web and reveal the problems and successes I encountered while assisting Dr. J. William T Youngs with the creation of his historical Website. The site located at was designed to encompass all of Dr. Young's published books. He chose American Realities (New York: Longman, 1997) to be the first of his books to focus on for the Website.
To assist people that may not be familiar with Web jargon and acronyms, I have included a glossary. All the terms have been italicized.

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