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Daniel Cochran

1997 Research

Abstract: Implicit Mood-Congruent Memory Bias: The Significance of Self-referent Testing in Depression

Mentor: Dr. Philip Watkins, Psychology

The purpose of this study is to examine what is known as "mood-congruent memory" (MCM), and its relationship with depression. MCM refers to an individual's tendency to recall negative or positive feelings and events that relate directly to their general mood. In depression, earlier studies have found that MCM helps sustain the depressed state by allowing the individual to recall more negative memories (Blaney, 1986), and in effect preventing coping activities which might improve his or her mental condition (Teasdale, 1983). Within the domain of MCM, we are specifically studying a phenomenon known as "implicit memory," whose name was coined by cognitive psychologist, Daniel Schacter (Schacter, 1987).

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