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Adan Suarez


1999 Research

Abstract: Understanding Neruda's Poetry Through Translations

Mentor: Dr. Perry Higman, Honors

This project incorporates two of Neruda's poems from his book Canto General. My investigation of his poems deals with learning the meaning of each one through translation. After translating his poetry, I have come to identify some problems within other translations. The two poems that I have focused on are "Amor América" and "Bío Bío." From these two poems I have focused on three particular parts that I thought offered challenging translations problems:

El hombre tierra fue, vasija, parpado

Del barro trémulo, forma de la arcilla, (Amor América)

Pero como una rosa salvaje (Amor América)

Dividido en bocas y senos

Ancho y florido, murmurando (Bío Bío).

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