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Jason Matt

1999 Research
Abstract: Methodology and the Historical Jesus
Mentor: Dr. Garry Kenney, English

Jesus of Nazareth has been gone for nearly two thousand years and yet he retains the devoted belief of people throughout the world. What initially started out as a small group of loyal followers has blossomed and grown into a major world religion with a large group of diverse followers. Many of the original followers of Jesus did not meet him in person. They knew him through the teachings of his disciples or through the word of mouth that would spread through the country side and into the cities. Despite the fact that modern Christianity has flourished from its once meager beginnings, most of the original accounts of what Jesus said and did have not survived history. During the time in which Jesus lived most things were transmitted because most people were illiterate. Needless to say, this method does not lend itself to preservation because nothing is recorded.

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