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Nallely Galvan

2000 Research

Abstract: Sociotropic & Autonomous Individuals-Prone to symptoms of PTSD & Depression

Mentor: Dr. Russell Kolts, Psychology

The present study examined the relationship between traumatic experiences people have had and, their reactions to those experiences to their beliefs and attitudes. The goal is to understand how people react to traumatic events, and what factors influence these reactions. The data was collected by using a battery of measures consisting of the following constructs: Attributional Style, Sociotropy & Autonomy, Symptoms of depression, Exposure to traumatic experiences, Symptoms of posttraumatic stress, and trauma-related beliefs about self and the world. The study consisted of having 91 college students answer the questionnaire package, which was about forty to fifty minutes long. The results of the study have shown a significant correlation between Postraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms and depression with high autonomous and high sociotropic personalities.

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