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Melissa Noel

2002 Research

Abstract: Romance, Media, and psychological Development

Mentor: Dr. Sue M. Wright, Sociology

What is romantic competence and when do we start preparing for it? Who determine the cultural constructs of romance and when does that entity begin to influence us? These are the questions considered during a two year qualitative stud examining the internet media format and its portrayal of romance to adolescence. Focusing primarily on the adolescent stages of life, this study suggests that adolescents are primary target market for the romance genre making millions for companies with product to sell. However, even though we think our fascination with romance begins with the onset of puberty, our preparation for romantic competence begins before birth. The dominant themes of romance in the American culture include an expectation of a particular sequence with a set of standard behaviors (such as giving woman a rose on Valentine's Day). The romance script also demonstrates rigid gender roles to which we are enlightened starting as early as preschool through many corporate marketing campaigns including those launched by Disney.

2001 Research

Abstract: "Your Next Crush": From seventeen to e-zines

Dr. Sue Marie Wright and Melissa Noel


7th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May, 19, 2004

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