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Alwyn Jackson

2003 Research

Abstract: Exploring Community-based Organizations and Collaboration in Social Welfare for Adolescents

Mentor: Dr. Lisa Avery, School of Social Work

The tern "Community Organizing" covers a wide spectrum of activities and approaches. In terms of strengths, community-organizing methods can facilitate grassroots activities to recruit potential members, bring groups together, and accomplish substantial community action (Castelloe, Watson & White, 2004). The Spokane, WA community has a long history of community development and collaboration amongst social service agencies. This research project intends to explore the evolution of community-based organizations within the social welfare context and to examine current trends in community organizing on behalf of adolescents in Spokane. The study will also address the following research questions: (1) Can there be collaboration among the local agencies in Spokane whose programs provide services to adolescents? And (2) what needs are there in Spokane in regards to adolescents?


7th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May, 19, 2004

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