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Bruno Baltodano

2003 Research

Abstract: Revolution and Underdevelopment in Nicaragua: A Radicalist view of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Region

Mentor: Dr. Lui Hebron, Government

The politico economic conditions in which Nicaragua finds itself are not natural; they are created by global dynamics that bind Nicaraguans as a dependent to the Core and to the U.S. sphere of influence. They are the aftermath of a relationship that, in the late nineteenth century, began to organize the character of power and Nicaraguan class structure solely for the benefit of external linkages and broader global dynamics. This paper, a historical evaluative, examines the factual and theoretical beliefs and assesses the consequences of policies that played a predominant role in this configuration. There are self-evident, conspicuous and repetitive patterns of interaction that lead to the chronic cycle of revolution, poverty, oppression to the populace and national underdevelopment. The author, born and raised in Nicaragua, these are concurrent with hegemonic ideology and structural adjustment plans that benefit the core at the expense of the countries of the Periphery. Their aim is threefold: 1) to assure macro-economic stability that will secure advantageous conditions for the development and operation of capitol, 2) to assure the formation and continuation of governmental infrastructure that is agreeable to the maintenance of global capitol, and 3) to maintain social order necessary to preserve the first two conditions.


37th AABT Convention 11/20-23/2003

7th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May 19, 2004

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