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Antoinette Burkley

2004 Research

Abstract: Examining a Democratic Model: A Closer Look at Direct-Democracy as Implemented Through  the New Constitution and Political Agenda of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Mentor: Dr. Fred Strange, Anthropology Department

We, as Americans, should care about what goes on in Venezuela, a country of 24,654,694 located along the Caribbean on the northern edge of South America, not only because this country has 41% of the world's known oil reserves and currently supplies 34% of the U.S. petroleum imports, a figure likely to increase as the "War against Terrorism" continues to make many regions in the Middle East less reliable suppliers, but also because Venezuela plays an important role in U.S. policy, as the country has held a long-standing title as the only stable democratic nation-state in a region  otherwise known for military overtakes, dictators, and underdevelopment. Many statistics and varied factors have been used over the years to support this conclusion, such as electoral data, indicators of partisan alignment, and abstention status.


13th McNair WI Conference & Graduate Fair November 5-7, 2004

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