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Ami Manning


2005 Research

Abstract: A House Divided Cannot Stand: The Abortion Dispute in the American Federalist System

Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Bailey & Dr. Kristin Edquist, Government

In American political thought and action, democracy is at the center of discourse and meaning. Although in the federalist arrangement, there are different levels of democratic participation. The federal government and the states have different and sometimes conflicting powers. Morality policies were seemingly left to the states via the 10 th amendment, although this has never been the last word on certain issues. The Supreme Court has overruled states in areas of education, equality, and widespread discrimination. The Supreme Court, moreover, is the defining authority on the federalist arrangement. The decisions made, interpret, define, and shape the roles of the state and federal government and are not democratically accountable. The morality policies affected by Roe v Wade decision and subsequent court decisions on abortion, state laws, and national laws can tell us something about the limits and potentials for the American Federalist System on this volatile issue.


8th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May 18, 2005

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