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Frank King

2005 Research

Abstract: The Battle of Adowa and Its Connection to Pan-Afrocentricity

Mentor: Dr. Scott Finnie, History, Africana Education Program

Ethiopia is the only nation in Africa that was never colonized by a European power. This achievement was not an accident, nor lack of enthusiasm to colonize by European nations. In 1896, the Ethiopian people maintained its independence by defeating the Italian army at a small town called Adowa. Led by Menelik II, a descendant of King Solomon, Ethiopia defeated a European nation through diplomacy, deception, and military might. Little is known about the Battle of Adowa. Menelik II unified the nation and prepared it for battle by obtaining modern weapons and amassing an army of over 100,000. Ethiopia was able to keep its independence and embark on a modernization movement while Italy was humiliated and put in political disarray. The ancient nation received respect from the imperial powers and its sovereignty.


9th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May 17, 2006

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