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Edward King

2006 Research

Abstract: Freedom vs Control
Mentor: Dr. Scott Finnie, Social Work

This research examines oppression within the African American community, by focusing on the religious factors surrounding this issue and race. This comparison study of David Walker and Eldridge Cleaver explores slavery, segregation and the black response. Analyzing these issues through the eyes of Walker and Cleaver affords a basis to assess the effects of slavery and segregation on the AfricanAmerican community. Two crucial observations arise from these two lives and their social context. The tyranny of slavery in America faced by David Walker was eventually replaced by segregation. The remnants of segregation brought forth by slavery's demise transformed into institutionalized racism. The first section of the research will focus on the history of racial oppression in America within the AfricanAmerican community, beginning with the peculiar institution known as slavery up to the era of the black power movement during the 1960's. The subsequent section will focus upon the life of David Walker and his views on religious oppression of the African American people during slavery. The focal point of the third segment will consist of Eldridge Cleaver's views on racial oppression during the era of segregation. The final section focuses on racial oppression today in the AfricanAmerican community and what has been proposed to improve the state of the Black community. 


10th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May 16,2007


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