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Nancy Guillen

2006 Research

Abstract: Does a Match Between a Student's Implicit Theories or Goals and the Goals Emphasized in the Classroom Increase a Student's Motivation?
Mentor: Dr. Amani ElAlayli,Psychology

Some past studies have shown that a motivational climate that emphasizes learning goals produces better motivational outcomes than one that emphasizes performing well. Others find that the reverse may be true forv students who generally pursue performance goals. The current study examined whether this idea of personenvironment fit applies to longterm situations by having college students report the motivational climate of the college courses in which they were most and least motivated. It was hypothesized that students would be most motivated in the college course in which their implicit theory and achievement goals matched those of the motivational climate and least motivated in the college course in which a match did not exist. However, the study found that all students reported more of a learningoriented climate in the class where they were most motivated. The possibility that a learning climate may be better for all students is discussed.


15th Annual McNair Conference and Graduate School Fair Delavan, WI: Nov 3-5, 2006

10th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May 16,2007

Penn State McNair Conference, Presenter Aug 2-5, 2007.

11th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May 14, 2008

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