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Jennifer Gunnarson

2007 Research

Abstract: A Comparison of Day and Night Surface Densities of Pomoxis nigromaculatus, larval black crappie in Eloika Lake of Eastern Washington

Mentor: Dr. Al Scholz, Department of Biology

Larval fish were collected between mid-April and mid-July of 2007 in Eloika Lake, located in Eastern Washington. Larval Pomoxis nigromaculatus, black crappie were identified by their number and width of myomeres, pigmentation, gut lengths and number of anal fins. Between species there was little or no overlap between the numbers of myomeres, making them easily identifiable. Day and night larval densities were compared using a parametric t-test. Nighttime densities of black crappie averaged 0.0979 crappie/m3 and were higher than average daytime densities (0.0423 crappie/m3, P=0.0164). Results from this study will aid the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife design a sampling program for larval black crappie.


10th Annual Research & CW Symposium, EWU, May 16,2007

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