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Julian Mendez

2008 Research

Abstract: Bullying of Mexican-Immigrant students by Mexican-American students: An Examination of Intracultural Bullying

Mentor: Dr. Raphael Guillory, Ph.D., Educational Psychology

 In January of 1999, eight-year-old Marie Bentham hung herself in her bedroom with her jump rope. She had been bullied by some of her classmates for quite some time. According to her diary, she felt no other way out (Coloroso, 2003). April 1997; a fourth grade student pulled a knife on another student who had been bullying him (Coloroso, 2003). He had recently stopped attending any school activities and was angry and depressed all the time. The only place he felt safe was at home. March 2000; fourteen-year-old Hamed Nastih jumped off Patullo Bridge in British Columbia killing himself. He left a long suicide note detailing the torments that he had endured by his classmates (Coloroso, 2003). April 20, 1999; the small suburb of Littleton, Colorado was shook by the gunfire of two eighteen-year-old boy's automatic weapons at Columbine High School. The shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered twelve students, one teacher, eventually taking their own lives and leaving many others wounded in the massacre. This mass slaying was planned a year in advance with the shooters arming themselves with a 9-mm carbine rifle and a 12-gauge pump sawed-off shotgun, knives, and pipe bombs. Although 13 innocent people were killed, their intentions were much worse. Reports circulated that the sources of their anger were constant bullying and ridicule by their peers in school, particularly athletes, who had repeatedly called Eric and Dylan "faggots" and "weirdos" throughout their high school experience (Capozzoli and McVey, 2000, p.1).

2007 Research 

Abstract: Bullying and School Violence Prevention

Mentor: Dr. Raphael Guillory, Educational Psychology



Pacific NW FOCO of the National Assoc. for Chicana and Chicano Studies: October 25, 2008

16th Annual McNair Conference and Graduate Fair, WI, Nov. 2007

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