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Sheikh Omar Jobe

2007 Research

Abstract: Investigating PCR Optimization Using a New Sexing Technique and a Novel Buffer

Mentor: Dr. Charles Herr, Department of Biology

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a standard in vitro process used to amplify DNA without the use of any organisms like E-coli. It involves taking a sample of DNA placed in test tube together with a reaction mixture consisting of PCR buffer, dNTPs (deoxynucleoide triphosphates), primers and taq polymerase and copy it a number of times. PCR as a technique has evolved during the years and is being used in a lot in DNA, protein and nucleic acid research and its applications are limitless. But as a great method, it has encountered a lot of problems that restrict its efficiency as the center of DNA research. The purpose of this piece is to explore PCR as a general technique, the methodology, various applications, restrictions and problems encountered and introduction of the works being done with PCR in the lab of Dr. Charles Herr as possible research of trying to optimize it.


16th Annual McNair Conference and Graduate Fair, WI, Nov. 2007

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