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Tracey Waring

2007 Research

Abstract:  Spiritual Identity: A Bridge to Re-entry

Mentor: Lonnie Schaible, Department of Sociology

There are many factors which can influence an offender's behavior while incarcerated and may have some bearing on their ability to successfully re-enter the community. Religiosity is one venue in which inmates can discover a new or renew an existing identity beneficial to their survival and outside the institution. Religiosity is defined as commitment to spiritual programming, affiliation with religious group and/or belief system, participation in the spiritual group(s) meeting and/or events, as well as individual activities associated with the religious group. Using Hirschi's Social Control Theory, previous studies are reviewed to discover possible correlations between social bonds and behavioral outcomes


35th Society of Criminology Conference, Sacramento, CA:

Feb 14-17, 2008 McNair Research

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