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Lisa Logan

2008 Research

Abstract: "French Twist's" Loli as a Representation of the Lived Experience of Bisexual Motherhood

Mentor: Dr. Sally Winkle, Womens and Gender Studies

Motherhood is an aspect of bisexual women's lives that has been marginalized both as a topic of social science research and as a subject of film. My research reveals how the portrayal of a bisexual mother in Josiane Balasko's film, "French Twist" ("Gazon Maudit") (1995) intersects with and diverges from the lived experience of bisexual mothers. This French film is unique because it is among the few films that portray motherhood as a visible aspect of bisexual women's lives. I will illustrate several myths, stereotypes and cultural attitudes toward bisexuality and highlight how these are reproduced and challenged in "French Twist." My literature review examines factors that contribute to the neglect of bisexual mothers as a topic of social science research. In my analysis of the film, I discuss how the invisibility faced by bisexual people impacts the representation of bisexual mothers. With no social support network for bisexual mothers in most geographic regions, film, as a cultural representation, can reflect bisexual motherhood as a valid identity.


12th Annual EWU Student Research and Creative Works Symposium: May 20, 2009

17th Annual McNair Conference and Grad. School Fair Delavan, WI: Oct 31 Nov 2, 2008

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