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Yuliya Kushnerchuk

2009 Research


Our nation is a nation of trends. Life and all that society concerns itself with is often described in movements of either growing trends or fading fads. A great number of these drifts in our culture are studied, numbered, and analyzed for the information necessary to create a broader, detailed snapshot of every aspect of our lives-from the physical and demographical particulars of our health, gender, and race, to the psychological and cultural questions of mental stability, taboos, and happiness, to the inane and trivial of current opinions of sports and fashion. Within the last decade, the subjects of education and religion have been some of the most discussed and noted topics among individuals, researchers, and the nation (National Issues Forum Institute, 2000-2010). As the push for education, notably post-secondary education, has risen to the forefront of issues, developments in the faith and religion of our society have become pronounced and an image of concurring yet opposing trends has emerged.


14th Annual Graduate and Undergraduate Research and Createive Works Symposium, May 17-18, 2011

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