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Andrew Ruud

2010 Research

Abstract: Cryptology and the Mathematics Behind the Advanced Encryption Standard

Mentor: Dr. Ron Gentle, Mathematics Department

Cryptography ( or cryptology) is the study of algorithms used to keep information secret. The original message, called the plaintext, is encrypted, or made unreadable by a third party during transmission. The encrypted message is called the ciphertext. The recipient of the message must convert the ciphertext back into plaintext, which is called decryption. In most texts, the sender of the message is called Alice (A), the recipient Bob (B), and an attacker Eve (short for Eavesdropper). The pair of cryptographic algorithms used for encryption and decryption is called a  cipher. The sender and recipient are able to encrypt and decrypt a message by using a key, which is kept secret from the public.


14th Annual EWU Student Research and Creative Works Symposium: May 17-18, 2011



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