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Sylvia Olivo

2010 Research

Abstract: Analyzing Agricultural Subsidy Distribution

Mentor: Dr. Grant Forsyth, Economics

This project will analyze specifically the government programs who issue payments out to farmers. The project provides the reader with a distribution of the payments specifically in the Pacific Northwest. The author will further analyze the distribution of the payments to see if there was any effect in the payment distribution due to the economic changes that have occurred in the past few years. The price increase of farm commodities is a specific incident that is observed closely; the author examines whether this increase created any change in the amount of payments that are issued out in the course of the past four years. The USDA also issues out farm loans directly to farmers; begging the question has the banking crisis changed the amount of loans that were issued out during this time period.


14th Annual EWU Student Research and Creative Works Symposium: May 17-18, 2011: Analyzing Agricultural Subsidy Distribution

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