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Grace Cooper

Acknowledgement to Mentor:

"Dr. Julia Smith is more than just my mentor. Each day, she provides me with an example of a scholar with wit and intellect and a woman with taste and class. From her, I have learned that determination and hard work in combination with purpose is the key to victory. I will always be grateful for her commitment to my success and happiness, and can only hope to someday repay her for all her help, encouragement, and love she has given me."






Grace Cooper, daughter of Terence and Patricia Cooper, is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. Grace has also taken an interest in anthropology and sociology in the last year. She will be working towards her Ph.D. in Sociolinguistics, which will allow her to utilize her language skills and follow her academic and personal interests. Grace’s dream is to live and research in communities with large Spanish and English speaking populations.  

Upon entering Eastern, Grace was awarded the EWU Academic Honors Scholarship and the Eastern Advantage Scholarship. She has dedicated herself to maintaining her status as a scholar and in recognition of her determination she was accepted to the Trio Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program.  

Grace is also an active member of the residential community on the EWU campus. For the past two years she has worked for Housing and Residential Life as a Community Advisor for the Global Perspectives Living Learning Community. As a Community Advisor, Grace has strived to create a comfortable and educational living environment in which her residents can focus on academia and forming healthy relationships with other students and faculty.  

Grace is the first member of her family to seek higher education. Throughout her life and her time in the world of academia she has had their support, encouragement, and guidance to help her become a successful student and person. Grace admits she would not be who she is today without their nurturing and love.      



Dr. Julia Smith, Professor, Department of Anthroplogy, EWU

2012 TRiO McNair Research Internship- Intentions and Perceptions of Coded Switching Amongst Spanish-English Bilinguals
Cooper, Grace, (Julia Smith), Anthropology, Spanish, Eastern Washington University, Washington

In a multilingual world, speakers often mix their languages within a single conversation, sentence, or phrase and this is formally known as code-switching. While some researchers have approached this topic from a structural standpoint, I want to cover more social aspects of code-switching and explore a different set of questions. Specifically, this project focuses on the interpretations and intentions of Spanish-English bilingual code-switchers. I conducted a series of semi-structured interviews with a group of Spanish-English speakers in the local Spokane area to better explore this topic. I played four musical selections as examples of code-switching to stimulate participants' responses to the questions about code-switching. My results demonstrate that understandings of code-switching have shifted away from findings of previous studies. For example, English has been reported as the preferred language amongst Spanish-English speaker, but this research reveals that Spanish has now become the more valued language amongst speakers. 

Conference Presentations:__________________________________________________________________

Presenter at EWU Benefactor Dinner, Eastern Washington University

Invited speaker for Welcome Back Ceremony for Faculty and Staff of EWU, Addressed student success and appreciation for EWU financial and academic support. Eastern Washington University (2013)

Fixing Things: The Techniques and Politics of Repair. Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting Albuquerque, NM. (2014)

Fixing Things with the Right Tools. Invited talk, TRiO Ronald E. McNair Scholars Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program, EWU (2013)

Summer Experience Talk. Invited talk, Anthropology Department, EWU (2013)

Fixing Things: The Techniques and Politics of Repair. Natural History Research Experience Poster Session, NMNH Smithsonian Institute (2013)

Exploring Intentions and Perceptions of Code-Switching Among Spanish-English. Bilingual Speakers in the Inland Northwest, EWU Student Research and Creative Works Symposium (2013)

Exploring Intentions and Perceptions of Code-Switching Among Spanish-English Bilingual Speakers in the Inland Northwest. Northwest Anthropology Conference, Portland, Oregon (2013)

Exploring Intentions and Perceptions of Code-Switching Among Spanish-English Bilingual Speakers in the Inland Northwest. National Conference of Undergraduate Research Lacrosse, Wisconsin (2013)

Exploring Intentions and Perceptions of Code-Switching Among Spanish-English Bilingual Speakers in the Inland Northwest. 21st Annual National Ronald E. McNair Scholars Conference Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (2012)

What Can We Make of Spanglish? EWU Student Research and Creative Works Symposium (2012)

Language at EWU. EWU First Annual Diversity Week (2012)   

Ritchie and Selena: Bringing Chicano/as into the Mainstream. EWU Student Research and Creative Works Symposium (2011)   

Honors and Awards:_______________________________________________________________________

Student Paper Award at the Northwest Anthropology Conference Winner, $150

Natural History Research Experiences, Smithsonian Institution's National Museaum of Natural History inWashington D.C. This internship provided room and board in Washington D.C., travel expenses and a $5,500 stipend.

University travel grant for NCUR, 2013                                                                            

McNair travel grant for McNair National Conference 2012

Academic Honors Scholarship, Awarded $3000, 2009

Eastern Advantage Scholarship, Awarded $1500,  2009

Dean's List Eastern Washington University (eleven quarters)2009-2013


Grace Cooper. "An Exploration of Intentions and Perceptions of Code-switching Among Bilingual Spanish-English Speakers in The Inland Northwest." In Journal of Northwest Anthropology, 47(2):119-129. 2013.


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