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Nancy Muñoz

Attending: Eastern Washington University, M.A. Counseling


Acknowledgement to Mentor: I would like to thank my mentor Jessica Willis, for her mentorship over the past year. She has dedicated much of her time to helping me conduct and develop my skills as a researcher. She has been an excellent mentor, and I am extremely grateful! Additionally, she has motivated me to improve my writing skills, as well as face my fear of public speaking. Dr. Willis, Sally Winkle, Carol Vines, and Mimi Marinucci have all given me the courage and motivation to present and share my research with others even when I was utterly terrified. Lastly, I would like to say that Dr. Jessica Willis is truly an inspirational woman who has taught me much about the social injustices against women and that with education and dedication great change can and will come.



Nancy Natalie Muñoz Ruiz was born in Walla Walla, Washington. Her parents are from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, and came to the United Sates in 1988 in search for a better life for themselves and their families. Throughout the years Nancy has witnessed her parents struggles because they did not have an education, and they have inspired her to search for a higher education. 

Nancy grew up in a small community where little help was given to the Chicana/o or Latina/o community, especially in the public schools. Her parents did not approve of education given in the public schools because of its poor quality, and was placed in a private Catholic School for the remainder of her education. She experienced several racist and sexist situations that only fueled her to try harder and succeed.

Nancy is currently a junior at Eastern Washington University and has declared her major in the Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies departments. Over the past few years she has become greatly interested in one day assisting juvenile delinquents, at risk children, or abused children.



Dr. Jessica Willis, Professor, Department of Women's & Gender Studies


TRiO McNair Research Internship:___________________________________________________________

Psychological Impact of the "Dutiful Daughter Role" within the Mexican American Community From a Feminist Perspective (2012)
Nancy (Jessica Willis), Women's and Gender Studies, Eastern Washington University, Washington

This paper focuses on first generation women who have a Mexican descent background and who were born/ grew up in the United States. Throughout this research I utilize the term Latina/o, because the authors I have selected as part of my literature review utilize this terminology. Mexican American and Latina young women often face obstacles to pursuing higher education for fear that they will be abandoning their gender roles responsibilities, primary as daughters, mothers, and caregivers. This study analyzes how Mexican American and Latina women try to balance their academic and home life while attending college/university, and simultaneously preserving their "good daughter" of "good mother" image. The article presents interpretive customs collected through feminist and non-feminist theoretical frameworks. It specifically centers on investigating how cultural gender norms contribute to Mexican American women's pursuit and achievement within a higher education, as it is linked to the development of individuality, autonomy and self sufficiency. Marianismo, machismo, familismo and respeto were identified as major factors contributing to their negotiations of gender roles. Lastly, this article suggests that if Mexican American and Latina women gain the support and encouragement that they need from their families and by administrative faculty, their college or university experience may be more successful.


Conference Presentations:_________________________________________________________________

Let's Talk About Girls-Panel and Discussion,

  • International Day of the Girl Events, Eastern Washington University. (10/2013)

Psychological Impact of the Dutiful Daughter Role within the Mexican American Community from a Feminist Perspective,

  • Paper presentation at the Northwest Women's Studies Association's Faces of Feminism: From Furious to Funny Annual Conference, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID. 83844. (4/2013)
  •  Paper presentation at the Women's & Gender Studies Program, Eastern Washington University. Cheney, WA. 99004 (5/2013)
  •  Paper presentation at the Student Research and Creative Works Symposium, Eastern Washington University. Cheney, WA. 99004. (5/2013)

How to Present a Research Paper Utilizing Power Point,

  • Presentation at the Ronald E. McNair Program, Eastern Washington University Cheney, WA. 99004 (5/2013)

Psychological Impact of Domestic Violence within the Mexican and Mexican American Community,

  • Presentation at the Ronald  E. McNair Program, Eastern Washington University. Cheney, WA. 99004  (8/2013)
  • Eastern Washington University Cheney, WA. 99004. (5/2013)        


Honors and Awards:______________________________________________________________________

  • Ronald E. McNair PostBaccalaureate Achievement Program, Federally-funded research-oriented undergraduate program with the goal of increasing the attainment of Ph.D. degrees by students from underrepresented segments of society (2012 & 2013)
  • Women & Gender Studies Scholars Award, $1,000 scholarship. (2013)
  • Dean's List, Students achieve honor roll if they maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and complete at least 12 credits each quarter (2012)
  • Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation Scholarship, $8,000 scholarship. (2011)     
  • Trustees Scholarship, $ 3,000 scholarship. (2010)



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Graduate School Acceptances:_____________________________________________________________

Eastern Washington University, M.A. Counseling

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