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Leah Ruiz

 Leah Ruiz was born in California to Tina and Christopher Ruiz. When she was 14 years old her mother and father moved to the beautiful small town of Davenport, Washington. After taking a 3 year break from school, Leah decided to pursue a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology. After being accepted into Eastern she ran for Vice President of the Criminal Justice Club and won (2012-2013).

Her life's goal is to continue in academia by becoming a professor while helping and guiding other potential students reach their dreams. The professors at EWU always encouraged Leah to better herself in her work and academic career. The psychology department, McNair program, and new friends are like family. All these positive influences is what made Leah want to become a Professor.

The spark that ignited Leah's passion for psychology and criminal Justice are the questions, "Why people become prejudice?", "what is it that makes human beings treat others in an appalling way?" and "What can I do to make a difference in this world?"

Research interests include:  self-esteem, religious prejudice


Dr. Jonathan W. Anderson, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Associate Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Social Work, EWU


Conference Presentations:___________________________________________________________

The Effects of Procrastination on Self-Esteem, EWU Student Research &Creative Works Symposium (2011-2012)

Good Lovin': The Effects of Stressors on Sexual Satisfaction among Non-cohabitating, Cohabitating, and Married Couples, EWU Student Research & Creative Works Symposium (2011-2012)

 The Effects of Religiosity on Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Sex, Drugs and Alcohol, EWU Student Research &Creative Works Symposium (2011-2012)

Honors and Awards:______________________________________________________________________

McNair Scholar at Eastern Washington University, The Ronald E. McNair Scholar's Program is dedicated to helping low income, first generation and minority undergraduate students who are wanting to further their education in pursuing a graduate degree. (2013)

Dean's List, All quarters at Eastern Washington University(2012-2013)

Vice President Honor Roll, Spokane Falls Community College (Winter 2010, Fall 2009, Spring 2008)


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