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Laura Zamudio

Acknowledgement to Mentor:

"I am thankful for Dr. Millsap's mentorship throughout my research internship and my graduate school application process. With much guidance and patience, Dr. Millsaps has given me the freedom to develop questions and be creative as a researcher and as a preservice teacher. These learning experiences have been vital to my success as an undergraduate and will continue to make me a successful graduate student. Thank you for your time and assistance during my academic and personal challenges."





Laura Zamudio was born in Omak, Washington and raised by her parents, Armando Zamudio and Maria R. Zamudio in Brewster, Washington.  Her parents are from Michoacán, Mexico and immigrated into the United States in search for a better life for themselves and their family.

Laura has grown up to believe that life is more than just finding one's self, but also creating one's self. Her passion for mathematics and children to succeed in mathematics lead her to create a vision of change through education for students who dare to dream beyond borders.  It is with that enthusiasm that Laura desires to pursue a doctoral degree in Mathematics Education once she has completed her Bachelor's Degree. When she thinks about mathematics she doesn't think about simply getting a result, instead she thinks of different processes to solve new problems. She believes that as a future math education professor she can help prepare teacher candidates to change the lives of many students.

She has volunteered as a math tutor for students in all grades and is currently a PLUS one-on-one tutor at Eastern Washington University. Also, Laura has been awarded as an EWU Presidential scholarship recipient for maintaining a 3.65 grade point average during her undergraduate years at Eastern Washington University.


Dr. Gayle Milsaps, Assistant Professor, Chicano Education Department, EWU

TRiO McNair Research Internship:__________________________________________________________

Multiplying and dividing fractions in a meaningful way

According to Osberg and Biesta (2008) is it possible to distinguish education from unguided learning, however, education still remains a form of planned enculturation or training. Comprehension of what symbols mean in the physical world is crucial to gain conceptual knowledge. Children are becoming unguided followers of procedures/rules without being able to connect with the underlying meaning of multiplication and division of fractions.

By using an instructional approach involving equal sharing and multiple group problems in 5th and 6th grade, students will be able to gain a conceptual understanding of multiplication and division of fractions. They will be able to take a naked problem such as (  X 8) and use their own thinking that they have developed from this instruction to use their conceptual and procedural knowledge to provide two solving strategies.

Conference Presentations:________________________________________________________________

  • 29th Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Cheney, WA (2015)
  • The National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates (NAAAS) Conference, Baton Rouge, LA (2015)
  • 3rd Annual Strategic Plan Conference: Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program, Cheney WA (2014)

Honors and Awards:______________________________________________________________________

  • McNair Scholar Summer Internship, Awarded $2,800. The goal of the McNair Program is to increase the attainment of PhD degrees by students from underrepresented segments of society. (2014)
  • LULAC National Scholarship Fund, Awarded $400.00. (2011-2012)
  • Jack and Marie Kirk Scholarship, Awarded $500.00. (2011)
  • Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Awarded $1,000.00. (2011)
    Okanogan Masonic Lodge Herbert and Elizabeth Davis Scholarship, Awarded $500.00. (2011)
  • Sea Mar Community Health Centers Scholarship, Awarded $1,000.00. (2011)

Graduate School Acceptances:______________________________________________________________

  • University of Central Florida - Master of Mathematics Education Program
  • University of Washington - Master of Education in Mathematics Program
  • Florida International University - PhD Program in Curriculum and Instruction
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