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Award Changes and Cancellations

Your award is based on information available to us at the time the award is made. Your award is subject to change if any of the following occurs:

  • You obtain additional resources such as a scholarship, or another agency pays your tuition;
  • You obtain a degree;
  • You fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress;
  • You drop to less than full-time;
  • You attend less than three quarters;
  • Your cost decreases due to a change in your residency status or academic program.

Your aid offer is also subject to cancellation without prior notice if you:

  • Have defaulted on a Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized, PLUS, or Perkins Loan at any institution;
  • Owe a repayment on a grant at any institution;
  • Have failed to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as outlined in our policy. (See our Financial Aid Policies page to read the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.)
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