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Other Award Information

Tuition Payment Due Date

Tuition and fees are due by the end of the sixth class day of each quarter. After that date, unpaid accounts are assessed a $50 late fee.  Students are not disenrolled for non-payment or dismissed from the residence halls.  Please see the Student Financial Services web pages for further details.

Additional Expenses

You may appeal for consideration of additional expenses (such as dependent child care costs) by completing a form available in the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. We may be able to provide loan funding to help meet these expenses.

Part-Time Attendance

Your initial award normally assumes full-time enrollment status. If you wish to attend part-time (fewer than 10 credits for master/doctoral candidates or fewer than 12 credits for all others), please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office for aid adjustment prior to the start of the quarter. For the Communication Disorders semester program, part-time for master's students is less than 15 credits and part-time for undergraduate students is less than 18 credits. If you fail to notify our office prior to the 10th day of the term and receive aid based on full-time status, you may owe a repayment of funds (see the 10th Day Award Recalculation policy).

Transfer Students

Pell Grants are generally transferable from and to other schools.  Federal Direct Loans and Parent Loans require a new application at the new school. Other forms of aid (FSEOG, State Need Grant, Federal and State Work-Study, etc.) are not transferable, but may be available if the new school has remaining funds.

Students with a Bachelor's Degree

If you have received a bachelor's degree, you must be seeking another degree or certification in order to be eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 509.359.2397 to apply and confirm your admission, and the Undergraduate Academic Advising Office at 509.359.2345 to  declare your major.

Study Abroad

Financial aid may be applied to approved study abroad program for up to one academic year. Please contact the Office of Global Initiatives at 509-359-6275 for details. 

Summer Quarter Financial Aid

Financial aid for summer quarter is generally limited to any remaining eligibility from the prior academic year for Pell Grant and Federal Direct/PLUS loans. Once you register for the summer term, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office to be considered for summer quarter financial aid.  Additional details are available on the summer financial aid page.

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