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Billing Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Financial Aid and Scholarships as they relate to billing.

Why is the loan amount on my bill less than what my financial aid notice indicates?

The federal government will deduct a loan origination fee and a default fee from each disbursement; therefore, the funds you receive will be slightly less than that on your financial aid notice.

I have more financial aid than EWU costs; what will happen with the excess funds?

Your aid is first applied to all EWU charges, including tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board. Once these charges are paid, remaining funds will be refunded to you via direct deposit or check beginning the first day of the term. These funds are for other educationally related expenses such as books, off-campus room and board, and transportation.

What if my financial aid is not available by the tuition due date?

You are responsible for payment of your tuition and other university debts by the published deadline dates. A $50 late fee is applied to debts not paid by the due date. In some cases, you may be able to obtain a tuition deferment and/or short term loan until your financial aid becomes available.

My direct deposit or check date is today; when will I receive these funds?

The first direct deposit of the quarter should be in your bank account the first day of the quarter. After that, direct deposit funds should be in your bank account three days after the date on EagleNet. The first checks issued for the quarter will be mailed to your local address on the first day of the quarter. After the first day, checks will be mailed the day after the date posted on EagleNet.

How do I purchase my textbooks? Do I have a credit at the bookstore?

Any aid in excess of EWU charges will be released beginning the first day of the term. You may use these funds to purchase your books. Funds will not be released in advance for textbook purchases and are not issued directly to the bookstore.

My work-study award is not reflected on my bill; what's wrong?

Work-study recipients receive a pay check on the 10th and 25th of each month for time worked. For more information, please contact the Student Employment Office.

It's after the first day of the term and my financial aid is still not reflected on my EagleNet bill; what's wrong?

To receive your financial aid on the first day of the term, you must meet the following conditions at least one week in advance of the term start:

  • Be enrolled full-time. Wait listed courses do not count toward your total enrollment. Online courses may also impact your eligibility and require a separate contract.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements.
  • All holds cleared.
  • All required documents and contracts signed and returned.
  • Loan/scholarship funds received from the lender/donor.
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