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Financial Aid Questions

How much money am I going to get?

To qualify for most financial aid programs, you must demonstrate financial need according to criteria established by the federal government. Need is the difference between the total cost of attending school (budget) and the amount you and your family are expected to contribute.

After your need has been calculated, the school makes an award up to the total amount of your need. Some schools may add non-need-based aid up to the total cost of attendance. Your award may include a combination of scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, work-study, or loans. When comparing financial aid offers from various schools, be sure to calculate the "bottom line." Subtract each institution's financial aid offer from that institution's cost of attendance to determine the amount that you and your family will contribute.

How is my financial aid disbursed?

If you are in a quarter-based program, financial aid is disbursed in quarterly installments on or after the first day of each quarter. There are three quarters in a standard aid year (fall, winter, spring). Summer quarter aid is handled on a case by case basis depending on your program and aid eligibility.

If you are in a semester-based program, financial aid is disbursed semester installments on or after the first day of each semester. There are two semesters in a standard aid year (fall, spring). Summer semester aid is handled on a case by case basis depending on your program and aid eligibility.

See the disbursement of financial aid section and Student Financial Services for more details.

Can I receive financial aid for my study abroad program?

If you are in a study abroad program that is approved for credit at EWU, you may receive financial aid through EWU for that program. Contact the Office of Global Initiatives for more details.

What happens to my financial aid if I withdraw from school?

If you are registered and need to leave EWU, you should formally withdraw by submitting a withdrawal form to the Records and Registration Office. Students who do not formally withdraw may receive grades of "0.0" for all classes. Please see the Student Financial Services web site for information on refunds. Students who receive financial aid and withdraw may be required to repay a pro-rated amount to the financial aid programs.  Refer to the Return of Title IV Funds policy for details.

What if I have special access needs? How can financial aid help me?

Eastern Washington University strives to satisfy all requests for special access needs for persons with disabilities. Requests for special access may be made by calling the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at 509.359.2314 or the Disability Support Services Office at 509.359.6871.

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