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EWU Quarters to Semesters

It is the goal of ASEWU to provide the administrators of EWU with an accurate assessment of student input in regards to the Quarters to Semesters project. We will measure our effectiveness by the following:

  • Successfully poll at least 10% of the student body
  • Conduct at least 20 "class raps" in high profile classrooms on the Cheney campus
  • Host at least one open forum, discussion group, and informational hearing which will serve to educate the student body and answer potential questions

Campus Library Hours

Our goal is to implement a pilot program to extend library hours for fall quarter, 2013. The program will consist of having the library open from 7:30am-midnight, Sunday-Thursday. This increase in hours will allow students to continue their studies, and increase their success in the classroom, while also supporting the university's stance on being student centered. we will measure our effectiveness by the following:

  • Successfully implement the pilot program by the end of fall quarter, 2013

PUB Remodel

It has been a long time project of student government to seek out and assess the legitimacy of our current PUB. One of the the top priorities for this years ASEWU is to obtain constituents to assist in educating students about the concerns of our PUB design. By using this data and feedback, we can further look into the possibility of remodeling our PUB, outfitting it with more options and features, which befits a modern university. We will measure our effectiveness by the following:

  • Poll at least 15% of the student population
  • Have students vote on whether they want a new PUB on the spring quarter election ballot.

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