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  • Jose A. Mendez
    Jose A. Mendez
    Superior Court Justice #4
    PUB 305
    Phone: 509.359.6549
    Fax: 509.359.4737


    José Méndez is currently a senior at EWU and is double majoring in Criminal Justice & Sociology with a minor in Psychology.  As a student of Eastern Washington University, Mr. Méndez made a significant impact on student retention as he has sat on multiple faculty committees to insure student success. As a second year member of the Judicial Branch of the ASEWU, he has dedicated personal time to providing leadership and guidance to the student body, committees, and its affiliated organizations to continue to make an impact on the EWU community. As a dedicated individual, he hopes to inspire others to take the initiative to be heavily engaged and informed about the responsibilities and rights as a member of the university, while promoting the unity between students and faculty. Go Eags!

    Committees Involved With:

    • Academic Appeals Board (AAB)
    • Student Success and Retention Committee (SSRC)
    • Residency Appeals Board
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