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Current Elections

2014 Spring Quarter Elections

The 2013 ASEWU elections will occur in the beginning weeks of Spring Quarter 2013. Visit the ASEWU office in PUB 303 for more information. You can also email the Director of Elections at with any questions or comments. To view the requirements to run for a position, go to the Running for Office page. To learn how to vote for the candidates on the election days, go to the Vote! page.

2013 ASEWU General Election: These election results are not offical until approved by the ASEWU Council

2014 ASEWU Primary Election Results (Unofficial)

Only the top 2 canidates for each position go on to the General Elections


D.J. Jigre: 772

Andy Duncan: 137

Executive Vice President

Jose E. Razo: 656

Brendan Hargrave: 155

Finance Vice President

Keirstan Hanson: 513

Max V. Bulmer: 374

Academic Affairs

Cassidy France: 614

Taylor Belden: 244

Athletic Affairs and University Advancement

Kyle C. Dodson: 837

Diversity Outreach

Jorge Garcia: 319

Ayanna Frenandez: 278


Sapna Basy: 237

Graduate Affairs

Kristina Li: 795

Legislative Affairs

J.D. Greening: 383

Mikaila Leyva: 298


Kelsey Lavelle: 192

Student Activities

Abbey Madison: 408

Whitney Mitchell: 286


Stephanie Aguilar: 115

Student Health and Safety Services

Alexandra Rich: 406

Juan Razo: 210


Ashley Eads: 138

Student Services

Andrea Zimmerman: 754

Madison Azim: 53

Technology Advancement

Nick Sweeney: 514

Giang Bui: 209


Hailey Hamilton: 205


*All bios are listed in alphabetical order, by first name. If any of this content is felt to be in error, please contact the ASEWU webmaster by email:

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