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2007 ASEWU Election

2007 ASEWU Election

Brief Summary:

The 2007 ASEWU Elections contained a substantial turnout with over 13% of the student population casting ballots. In the Primary Election, only 1 position ran unopposed while 6 candidates ran for Student Activities. Of the 3 candidates that ran for Executive VP, Michael Bethely took 1st place, holding 8 more votes than Linday LeVeque. However, in the General Election, LeVeque gained momentum and won the seat. The 2007 ASEWU Elections also proposed a Quarterly Transportation Fee Measure in which students were asked to vote if they favored a $7-$12 quarterly transportation fee for the EWU-STA Ridership program. More than 77% of the student population voted in favor.


For the 2007 official Primary Election results, please click here.

For the 2007 official General Election results, please click here.

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