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2008 ASEWU Election

2008 ASEWU Election

Brief Summary:

The 2008 ASEWU elections was one of the more popular elections in ASEWU history in which more than 10% of the general student population casted ballots. Initially, 28 candidates were registered in the Primary Election with only 3 candidates running unopposed. In the General Election, two of the closest races included: (1) Whitney Jones narrowly defeating Brody Faler by a mere 43 votes for the President's seat and (2) Dan Wilson narrowly defeating Stacey Armstrong for Student Activities by 48 votes. The largest margin of victory was Ashley Dawson's win over Carr C. Mancini by securing 74.9% of the vote (excluding those seats that ran unopposed).


For the 2008 official Primary Election results, please click here.

For the 2008 official General Election results, please click here.

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