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2009 ASEWU Election

2009 ASEWU Election

Brief Summary:

The 2009 ASEWU elections was somewhat considered a roller-coaster ride. In the Primary Election, Student Activities Representative Dan Wilson and Nathan Lewis faced off for the President's seat. However, outgoing Vice President Ryan Eucker performed a write-in campaign and narrowly defeated Lewis. Four candidates ran for Student Activities, with Crystal "Cheeto" Medina placing first. In the General Election, Eucker won by a comfortable margin, and outgoing Finance VP Evan Buelt attempted to perform a write-in campaign for Graduate Affairs (the position in which Charles Zeller, Jr. was running uncontested). Zeller prevailed and won the seat.


For the 2009 official Primary Election results, please click here.

For the 2009 official General Election results, please click here.

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