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2012 ASEWU Election

2012 ASEWU Election


Brief Summary:

The 2012 ASEWU Election had the highest voter turnout in the past six years, with 14.33% of the student body casting votes in the general election. An ASEWU ballot measure allowing for students to have three days to vote in primary and general elections failed to pass with only 60.7% of the students voting yes. The ballot measure needed a minimum approval of two thirds of the student body in order to pass. 


For academic affairs, Kylie Chapman held 65.4 percent and 65.9 percent of the votes during both elections over Jordan Lemmon with 34 and 34.1 percent for both elections. 

Saeed Alhamlan got the most votes for the diversity outreach position with 409 votes during the primary election. Caleb Morgan beat Joshua Neil by 40 votes. Morgan ended up winning the general election with 694 votes over Alhamlan with 519 votes. 

For finance vice president, Markus Hammond won the general election over Casey Picha by 41 votes. 

For technology advancement, Steven Casteel had the most votes in the primary election with 380 over James Reisenauer with 329. Reisenauer ended up winning the general election with 625 votes over Casteel with 498 votes.




Largest Margin of Victory: Kylie Chapman (Academic Affairs)

Tightest Margin of Victory: Markus Hammond (Finance Vice President)

Largest Net GAIN: Caleb Morgan (Diversity Outreach) @ +24.3%

Largest Net LOSS: Markus Hammond (Finance Vice President) @ -3.1%

For the 2012 official Primary Election results, please click here.

For the 2012 official General Election results, please click here.



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