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2013 ASEWU Election

2013 ASEWU Election

Brief Summary:

The 2013 ASEWU Elections was an election in which barely 10% of the general student population casted ballots. Incumbent President (Alicia Kinne) and incumbent Executive VP (Courtney Fleming) ran together for re-election. Additionally, Ryan Cronrath ran for re-election for Student Health & Safety Services and Mark Carothers for Technology Advancement. However, in the General Election, Carothers was the only incumbent defeated.


D.j. Jigre: 2225

Aly Morgan: 1156

Executive Vice President:

Francisco "Frank" Navarro: 1986

Caleb Morgan: 1357

Finance Vice President:

Samson Hatton: 1874

Saleh Alfayez: 1409

Council Position #1: Academic Affairs:

Cassie Bratton: 1792

Amy  Núñez: 1394

Council Position #2: Athletic Affairs and University Advancement:

Kyle Dodson: 1785

Rob Johnson: 1398

Council Position #3: Diversity Outreach:

Mariana G. Garcia: 1642

Alex Warrick: 1581

Council Position #4: Graduate Affairs:

Samantha Frank: 3042

Council Position #5: Legislative Affairs

Kelsy Watson: 1730

Jeffrey DeGon: 1380

Council Position #6: Student Activities:

Kendal Davis: 1828

Madison Azim: 1411

Council Position #7: Student Health and Safety Services:

Brendan Hargrave: 1714

Mohamed Ahmed: 1535

Council Position#8: Student Services:

Ryan McCulloch: 2003

C.W. Twohy: 1218

Council Position #9: Technology Advancement:

James Reisenauer: 3105

Total number of votes: 3515

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