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2014 Election

2014 Spring Quarter Elections

The General elections have been conducted. Visit the ASEWU office in PUB 303 for more information. You can also email the Director of Elections at with any questions or comments. To view the requirements to run for a position, go to the Running for Office page. To learn how to vote for the candidates on the election days, go to the Vote! page.

2014 ASEWU GeneralElection: These election results are not offical until approved by the ASEWU Council

2014 ASEWU General Election Results (Unofficial)

Total number of Students Eligible to Vote: 10,220

Total Votes Cast: 1,294

Total Percentage of Students Voting: 12.661%

Proposed Renovation of the EWU Pence Union Building

No: 546

Yes: 536

ASEWU Consitution Change #1

Yes: 1,009

No: 171

ASEWU Consitution Change #2

Yes: 999

No: 180


D.J. Jigre: 972

Andy Duncan: 224

Executive Vice President

Brendan Hargrave: 673

Jose E. Razo: 502

Finance Vice President

Keirstan Hanson: 771

Max V. Bulmer: 385

Academic Affairs

Cassidy France: 779

Taylor Belden: 336

Athletic Affairs and University Advancement

Kyle C. Dodson: 1085

Diversity Outreach

Jorge Garcia: 554

Ayanna Frenandez: 550

Graduate Affairs

Kristina Li: 1048

Legislative Affairs

Mikaila Leyva: 594

J.D. Greening: 531

Student Activities

Abbey Madison: 588

Whitney Mitchell: 548

Student Health and Safety Services

Alexandra Rich: 692

Juan Razo: 451

Student Services

Madison Azim: 581

Andrea Zimmerman: 529

Technology Advancement

Nick Sweeney: 683

Giang Bui: 483


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