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Running for Office


Thinking of running for office?

There will be 12 open positions. If you are a current EWU student and have a passion to make an effective impact, consider running for one of these positions! Simply click on the desired job title and see what the position entails.

Filings are open from Friday, April 4th - Friday, April 11th at 3 p.m!

Do I Qualify to Run?

Carefully read the 2014 ASEWU Elections General Information Sheet to ensure you qualify.

The 2014 ASEWU elections will occur in the beginning weeks of Spring Quarter 2013. Stop by the ASEWU PUB OFFICE 303 or call the Director of Elections at 509-359-2514 for more information. You can also email the Director of Elections at

Positions Available

Executive Branch


Legislative Branch

To review the bylaw for a position, locate the Section that is specified for the title you are interested in within Bylaw 107.

  • Position 1: Academic Affairs (Bylaw 107; Section 6)
  • Position 2: Athletic Affairs & University Advancement (Bylaw 107; Section 7)
  • Position 3: Diversity Outreach (Bylaw 107; Section 8)
  • Position 4: Graduate Affairs (Bylaw 107; Section 9)
  • Position 5: Legislative Affairs (Bylaw 107; Section 10)
  • Position 6: Student Activities (Bylaw 107; Section 11)
  • Position 7: Student Health & Safety Services (Bylaw 107; Section 12)
  • Position 8: Student Services (Bylaw 107; Section 13)
  • Position 9: Technology Advancement (Bylaw 107; Section 14)
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